Success Stories and Testimonials from Satisfied Clients...

Here are the comments from just a few of my clients. I have many satisfied customers and will gladly furnish references.

"I was cosmetically challenged before meeting Ellie. Now my life has changed for the better. Having permanent brows, eyeliner, and lips has allowed me to go to the gym and not worry about my makeup coming off with the towel. I lost 50 pounds and have truly changed into a totally different person. Thank you, Ellie, for being there for me!"

Susan in Ontario, CA. (age 57)

"Ellie's artistic ability shows in her work. My confidence level has gone from a 2 to a 10 and off the charts ever since I had my permanent brows, eyeliner, and lips put on by Ellie. I never liked to look at myself in the mirror in the morning but now I'm not ashamed anymore. I needed to perk up my life and get a boost of some sort and I got that from Ellie. I actually feel better about the aging process and that younger woman inside of me is coming out again. I am constantly being told how good I look and that is something I am enjoying immensely. Thank you, Ellie!"

Alice in Indian Wells, CA. (age 63)

permanent makeup photos permanent makeup photos

Eyebrows, Eyeliner, and Full Lip Color

"My eyesight problems have prevented me from getting my makeup on properly so when I had permanent brows and eyeliner by Ellie 15 years ago, this was no longer an issue. I have thoroughly enjoyed not having to worry about makeup for all these years. I have been back to see Ellie for maintenance a couple of times and it's wonderful to know she is there ready to freshen up my permanent makeup. She is very professional and I know I do not need to worry about infections or discomfort. Thank you, Ellie, for making me feel better about myself and increasing my self esteem."

Patti in Pasadena, CA. (age 56)

"Meeting Ellie has been such an upper for me. I knew I needed something done to my face but I wasn't sure what that would be. I contemplated a facelift but decided to go to Ellie first after I heard a presentation she made on permanent makeup. Her professionalism and knowledge of the facial tattooing process impressed me and now I can honestly say that I am so happy Ellie came into my life. After receiving brows, eyeliner, and lips I can go to Hawaii and do all the snorkeling I want to do without losing my makeup. What a JOY! And, I am constantly being told by my friends and family that I look so young and vibrant."

Donna in Palm Desert, CA (age 78)

permanent makeup photos permanent makeup photos

Eyebrows, Eyeliner, and Full Lip

"I came to Ellie for repair of eyeliner and brows because I was very unhappy with how I looked. She was able to fix everything through a gradual removal process and now I look fresh and beautiful. Recently, I was in the hospital for surgery and everyone kept telling me how good I looked for being so sick. If there is a negative side to permanent makeup, it's that you look good all the time even when you don't feel well. I have a long recovery ahead of me but it's easier with permanent makeup because you don't have to worry about how you look. Thank you, Ellie, for everything you did for me and thank you for the beautiful card!"

Gloria in Seattle, WA (age 76)

"What a fantastic difference your permanent makeup has made in my life! At 54 years young, I was beginning to lose my lip definition, and my eyes seemed to be fading into some flesh-toned fog. With the lip color, eye liner, and brow color, I now have a wonderful face looking back from the mirror (even when I first arise in the morning). What a great way to start the day! Looking this good without having to go through the ususal makeup routine brightens my outlook for the entire day and starts me off with enthusiasm, optimism, and even energy. Looking younger, feeling younger, and playing more...thank you!"

Elizabeth in La Quinta, CA (age 54)

permanent makeup photos permanent makeup photos

Eyebrows, Eyeliner, and Full Lip

"When I first met Ellie, I was very depressed about my permanent makeup. My brows were not shaped well, my eyeliner was not smooth, and my upper lip looked flat, with no cupid's bow. Ellie was able to address all my problems and repair them. Now my brows look like individual hairs, my eyeliner looks bright, and she actually put some eyelashes on the ends of the bottom eyeliner. My lips look full and she was able to create a cupid's bow on my upper lip when she used a lighter pigment there to effect the change. I am amazed at Ellie's talent with the facial tattooing process. She knows what she's doing and I feel blessed to have found her."

Michelle in Newport Beach, CA (age 51)

permanent makeup photos permanent makeup photos

"What a difference a redo makes!"
Redid Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lip Color

"I needed a major overhaul but I didn't know where to start. Ellie suggested we start with brows and then we eventually moved on to the eyeliner and then the lips. It's the best thing I could have done for myself. Ellie is so talented and she has changed my life. I recently lost the sight in one of my eyes and I am so happy with my permanent makeup because I can't see well enough to put cosmetics on properly. Thank you, Ellie, for knowing what to do with me and for making me so happy."

Betty in Palm Desert, CA (age 74)

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