What is Permanent Cosmetic Makup and Who Can Benefit?

It's a modern application of the age-old art of tattooing. It's a process where pigments are inserted into the first and second layers of skin, permanently. But unlike body tatooing, the pigments used are scientifically formulated specifically for the face only.

A variety of artistic techniques and a wide selection of pigment colors make beatutiful and natural looking enhancements a reality. Although the techniques may vary the results are always the same - permanent waterproof color, hassle free and always fresh!

An alternative to Plastic Surgery... Permanent cosmetic makeup also has medical applications. Micro-pigmentation can be used to camouflage scars resulting from injuries or surgical procedures such as face lifts. Procedures are available for areola restoration following breast reconstruction surgery and skin repigmentation to restore areas that have lost their natural skin tones. "Un-doing" existing tattoos by lightening with a special process and by overlaying natural colored pigments is yet another application for permanent cosmetic makeup.

What Procedures Are Most Common?

There are many different procedures a permanent makeup technician can provide. The most frequently requested procedures are eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color. These procedures generally take between 1-2 hours apiece. You should receive at least 1 follow-up visit for fine-tuning to ensure your procedure meets your expectations. I do 2 follow-ups with a 3-4 week interval for healing to take place.

Eyebrows - Here is an example of a eyebrow enhacement to fill in sparse eybrows. Notice the natural line and color that have been achieved. This is the result of multiple layers of individual hair strokes. Different colors and widths are used for each hair.

How long does it last? It's permanent to a degree. One of my clients came back after 9 years and still looked great. It lasts but I recommend refreshing about every 2 years. Some clients come in every year for enhancement... totally on an elective basis.

Who can Benefit from Permanent Cosmetic Makeup?

Many people have discovered the benefits of permanent cosmetic makeup. Their reasons and individualized treatments are as varied and unique as they are. You may benefit if you have:

  • An active lifestyle
  • Contact lenses
  • Visual impairment
  • Hay fever and watery eyes
  • Little of no brow hair
  • Alopecia (absence of hair)
  • Sparse or light lashes
  • Difficulty in makeup application
  • Unsteady or arthritic hands
  • Scars resulting from accidents, trauma, or surgery
  • Allergies to conventional cosmetics
  • A desire to always look your best!

How do you pick your Permanent Makeup Technician?

You want to find a technician with the ability and experience you can trust. Credentials and skill levels vary and your experience depends directly on your practicioner's competence. Some questions you might consider are:

  • How long has this technician been doing Permanent Makeup?
  • Does she have current before and after pictures of clients and references for you to call?
  • What are her credentials? Does she belong to the SPCP?
  • What type of pigment does she use and where does she get it? (It must come from a reputable company or laboratory and must be designed for use on the face.)
  • Is the environment sanitary? Checked by the Department of Environmental Health?
  • Does she have an office and a business license? This is not a "Tupper Ware" party and is not performed in the home.
  • Does she have Liability Insurance? If she does, she must adhere to strict ethical guidelines and must be a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.
  • Can she put your eyebrows on with an eyebrow pencil? If not, run the other way!
  • What is the cost of procedures? Vary in price. Can range from $70 (LA) to $1500 (Beverly Hills).

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